Why RecordMyVisit?

COVID-19 has had a severe impact on the small businesses in Australia. While our states have opened up, there is still a need to capture the details of people visiting businesses to ensure they can be contacted should there be a need to notify them of a COVID outbreak.

The main shortfalls in some of current implementations are:
  1. When using QR code to record details on the website, the mobile number entered is not verified and is prone to have typo errors.
  2. Many small businesses still use pen and paper to capture the visitor details which means the pen needs to be cleaned between customers and the data is not readily available to the contact tracing team.
  3. Areas with slower internet speeds might struggle to get the details updated (or) uploaded.
Our solution addresses these issues by recording verified phone numbers of the customers in a secure way to meet the Department Of Health & Human Services (DHHS) requirements. Customers scan the QR code, edit the text or type out the SMS themselves and send it to be stored securely in an industry leading data centre, within the Australian region, with appropriate safety mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access. We hold the data for 28 days, after which it is deleted as per DHHS mandate.

Simplicity and safety are the core design principles for the business registration and the customer check-in processes.

The best part being, all of this is FREE so our already struggling small businesses do not need to spend money to set this up. Just register online, we send you the QR code, print it and get your customers to scan, add their name and send. Simple. Easy. Quick.

For current DHHS guidelines , please refer to https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus

Stay Apart! Stay Safe!